Step 5 to Selling Your Home: It’s Repair Time

April 25, 2024

Step 5 to Selling Your Home: It’s Repair Time

If you did a pre-listing inspection, we should already have a list of items that need to be repaired. If you chose not to do the pre-listing inspection and you know of an appliance that hasn’t been working for some time or your HVAC has been making an unusually loud sound, we need to know so we can have those items evaluated and repaired before your home goes on the market.  It's best to address any necessary repairs now before they appear in an inspection report and potentially deter a buyer later on. We have access to affordable repair professionals, including electricians, handymen, and more, and we're more than happy to schedule repair appointments. And remember, our Concierge program can be an option for zero interest money for repairs that will help your home sell for more money! Additionally, we can be at your home to let the workers in and oversee the work. In general, we always recommend:

  • Touching up the paint in your home
  • Installing new caulk around every shower, toilet and tub. Be sure to check for a loose toilet
  • Hiring a professional HVAC company to service and clean both your AC unit and furnace
  • Hiring a company such as Stanley Steemer to steam clean your carpets
  • Making sure all light bulbs are working and that every light fixture contains the highest wattage light bulbs it can bear
  • Having chimneys professionally swept and adding a chimney/rain cap.  If any brick is loose, have it repaired.
  • Changing outdated cabinet hardware in kitchens and bathrooms. This small upgrade can really modernize your home and give it an updated look!
  • Repairing any broken window screens 
  • Testing all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly
  • Making sure downspouts aren’t improperly sloped or damaged in single family homes. If they are, have them repaired.
  • Repairing any damaged, broken or missing roof shingles if you own a single family home

Ask us for our list of recommended service providers such as handyman, appliance repair people, etc

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