Step 26 to Selling Your Home: Clear to Close

April 25, 2024

Step 26 to Selling Your Home: Clear to Close

The lender must issue the “Clear to Close” no later than 4 days before the anticipated closing date. Clear to Close means the underwriter has verified the buyer’s credit, assets, income and appraisal/property documents one last time and stamped it for approval to close! This exciting milestone means that the buyer's mortgage has been approved, and the title company/attorneys can then confirm the closing date.

Once the closing date, time, and location have been scheduled, the buyer's REALTOR® will arrange the final walk-through of the property. This typically takes place the day before or morning of closing and provides an opportunity to ensure that the property is still in the same condition as it was during the inspection. It's also a chance to verify that any agreed-upon repairs have been addressed. Additionally, all attached items such as shelving, light fixtures, and curtain rods are required to stay and transfer with the property, so the buyer will check to ensure that those items are still in place. Keep in mind that any wall mounted flat screen TVs must either have the bracket/wall mount stay intact or if you decide to remove it, the holes/openings must be patched up and painted as if it was never there.

Once the closing has been scheduled, it's important to reach out to your attorney or title company and arrange a time to pre-sign the documents. If you have any questions or need further assistance with this process, feel free to reach out to us.

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