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Step 25 - What is clear to close?

February 2, 2024

Step 25 - What is clear to close?

The Mortgage Lender’s Clear to Close

What does it mean when the Lender says you have your Clear to Close?

We anticipate receiving the "Clear to Close" from your mortgage lender and underwriter very soon. What does "Clear to Close" mean? It signifies that the lenders and underwriters have thoroughly reviewed all the paperwork, including your bank accounts, and have approved the loan. By providing us with the "Clear to Close," they are indicating that we can proceed with the closing and that they will fund the purchase of your new home, which is excellent news!

Upon receiving the "Clear to Close," the attorneys will arrange the closing date, time, and location, and will notify all parties once it has been scheduled. Additionally, we will schedule the final walk-through of your new home, which is typically conducted the day before the closing.

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