Step 23 to Selling Your Home: Final Utility Bills

April 25, 2024

Step 23 to Selling Your Home: Final Utility Bills

Taking care of the utilities may not be the most exciting task, but it's crucial to avoid any last-minute headaches. You definitely don't want to end up paying the buyer's electricity bill for the first month, so it's important to get ahead of this.

Give the utility companies a call now to let them know about your move. Ask to have all utilities taken out of your name on the day of closing. DON’T disconnect or turn off services! Just let them know you are moving and you are transferring service to the buyer. They will either ask for the buyer’s name or request that you have the buyer call. Don't forget to also reach out to your TV and internet provider.

If you're selling a single-family house, remember to arrange for the water bill to be taken out of your name as well. You will also need to request a final water meter reading in case it wasn’t ordered as yet. Ensure that all utilities stop on the day of closing. If you have a security system, schedule it to be shut off the day before closing.

And if you're moving to a new home, consider transferring the utilities to your new place instead of canceling them. This proactive approach can help make the transition to your new home smoother. If you need any assistance or further guidance on this, feel free to reach out.

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