Step 2 to Selling Your Home: You’ve Hired a REALTOR®. Now What?!

April 25, 2024

Step 2 to Selling Your Home: You’ve Hired a REALTOR®. Now What?!

Great choice in selecting us as your REALTOR®! Now, let's prepare your home for the market. Here's what's involved:


  1. More paperwork: Selling your home requires a lot of paperwork. Click here to download our NJ listing packet or PA listing packet, which contains the items you need to complete and return to me.


  1. Top 10 List: Write a top ten list of reasons you love living in your home. These reasons should be unique, intangible aspects that only you know, such as beautiful sunsets visible through your living room windows, great neighbors, the nearby farmers market on Tuesdays, or the surprisingly quiet train passing by. We'll use this list in our marketing of your home.


  1. Choose your MLS go-live date: The beauty of working with me as your Listing Agent is you get the opportunity to launch your home onto the market three times - Exclusive Listing, Coming Soon and full blown on the market!  Be sure to ask me how!  We typically need about one week's notice before putting your property on the market so we can schedule professional photos, videos and prepare/print marketing materials. Before the listing goes live, you'll need to declutter your home, address any necessary repairs, and ensure it's thoroughly cleaned. 


  1. Adjust Facebook privacy settings: Change the privacy settings on your Facebook page so only friends can see your posts. This is to prevent potential buyers from learning information that could impact our negotiation position, such as a recent promotion, relocation, or new home purchase. It's crucial to make your posts and photos private to strangers. While you can mention on your Facebook page that you're selling your home, avoid sharing specific reasons why.


Once you've completed the above tasks, let us know, and we'll provide you with your next steps.

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